We are experience designers. We create award-winning experiences by directing time, space and media. We work with brands, museums, healthcare organizations and everyone else who’s up for a challenge

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We do

We design memorable and immersive spaces by using storytelling and dramaturgy.

We focus on authenticity, vision and core-values. It’s all about demonstrating who you are.

Authenticity, vision and a shared set of values are key concepts in experience communications: it’s all about demonstrating who you are and what you represent, because that’s what interests and inspires people.

We design inspiring, exciting and memorable places where people want to go.

Within the Fields


We improve health environments in which processes take place. By investigating patient journeys and identifying important touchpoints we add value for both users and end-users.

Museums & science centers

We develop masterplans for museums and science centers. By translating the key message into meaningful storylines, immersive environments and engaging interactions we create memorable exhibitions for people from all walks of life.

Brand Centers

Over the years we have designed and realised many brand experience centers for major companies and all are unique. Every brand center expresses the core values of the company. 
We design both spaces and media. Integration is the only way to achieve a coherent message.

Over 100 Projects completed

Featured Projects

award Children in Museums Award — 2016; Bronze Medal New York Festival —2015


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Prinses Máxima Centrum

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award New York Festival — 2014

Signify — Light Application Center

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Continium Explore Zone

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Prinses Máxima Centrum

iF Design Award


Cardio Control

Universal Design Award



Children in Museums Award



A’Design Award

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